Our History in Aligners

We have been dedicating since 2010 to the design and production of invisible aligners for malocclusions and blemishes of the smile: the invisible orthodontics is the first activity of MICERIUMLAB. On 15 April 2019, we have formalized the partnership with LINEO for their excellent clinical skills in the invisible orthodontia by launching an innovative system of aligners on the Italian market, and now in the world. LINEO Clinical Consulting Staff has generated an ambitious partnership that makes orthodontics on aligners accessible, reliable, and safe.

Scientific Director and coordinator of the Clinical Staff

Our RELIABILITY is guaranteed by the LINEO Clinical Staff which offers continuous support for every single orthodontic treatment from the first phase of the feasibility study to the end of the orthodontic treatment. The mission of LINEO is to give the possibility to the neophyte dentists to do orthodontia with a high-quality level to offer the best treatment to their patients, but also to the expert orthodontists to have the consulting for the complex cases. LINEO is the Italian number one system for the 360° consultancy on invisible orthodontic for the dentist who today can resolve also the complex case. The Scientific Director and Coordinator of the Clinical Staff of the LINEO system is Dr. Emilio Aquilio currently among the leading experts in Europe of invisible orthodontics with aligners.

LINEO is an orthodontic pack

It’s properly configured to provide the doctor with a complete clinical consulting service, which will allow him to face an orthodontic invisible treatment with aligners with the utmost serenity to be supported at every step by a LINEO Clinical Team. All parts of the LINEO workflow are created according to the simple process of Digital phases that allow the efficient synergy between the Dentists and the LINEO Experts. LINEO never replaces the clinician, on the contrary, it supports him in all and for the duration of the treatment, helping him towards the achievement of orthodontic success and for the resolution of any problems, providing his experience with specific and professional technical-communication tools.

An exceptional production

The 3Digital Centre with its sophisticated technological software and its last-generation printer-machines, thanks to also the utilization of high-quality material and the know-how of the human resources guarantee to create an exceptional production. This point permits us to confirm that we are distinguished by the research and innovation of the materials used, the care in the manufacturing, the scientific, and in-depth study of each individual process. Our QUALITY emerges primarily in the use of innovative materials and the latest generation 3D software suitable for expressing reliable protocols and standardized procedures and the accompaniment to the professional in the pre, and post-sales with a customer support present and effective.

The LINEO aligner

This medical device is a transparent polymer for medical use, with accurate finishes to eliminate the risk of gum inflammation. It is anti-allergic and does not contain bisphenol A or phthalates plasticizers. Resistant to time and wear, it has an elasticity that allows the gradual and accurate movements of the teeth. LINEO responds to the aesthetics and comfort of the wearer and allows for thorough cleaning of the teeth thanks to its removability, aligns the teeth without trauma with slow micro-movements, and in harmony over time does not require tiring changes to habits daily. The LINEO aligner is characterized, in the vestibular part, by a gingival festoon for impeccable aesthetics. On the contrary, the edge of the lingual/palatine part, slides about 1 mm from the gingival festoon, increasing the strength of the aligner and the patients comfort.

LINEO Clinical Digital Workflow

The workflow between the dentist and LINEO takes place on the MICERIUM LAB digital platform: the doctor has a reserved area to enter all patient documentation and manage the various cases. In the special section, the Clinic Staff LINEO loads the LINEOVISION treatment plan.

Micerium Lab platform

Dr. Emidio Aquilio, our Scientific Director invites all interested doctors to submit their clinical cases for a feasibility pre-evaluation of the treatment with the LINEO orthodontic system. The dentist will receive the best treatment plan for the patient free of charge, sending only 9 photos of the case within 48 hours.

Click here and enter your data to access the operating platform in an area entirely reserved for you:

Typology L1

Typology L2

Typology L3

LINEO case gallery_Courtesy of Dr. Emidio Aquilio

Malocclusion Type: Trend in Class III, CrowdingAnterior crossbite                  Patient Age: 13                                          Treatment Type: L2 ACTIVE              Refinement: 1 with 8 aligners              Treatment Time: 13 months                      Aligner changed every 15 days

Malocclusion Type: Deep bite, Severe crowding                                                     Patient age: 28                                         Treatment Type: L3 Power                 Refinement: 1  to 12 aligner                   Treatment Time: 13 months                       Aligner changed every 10 days

Malocclusion Type: CROSS BITE              Patient age: 16                                        Treatment Type: L3 POWER                      Aligner N.:  25                                      Refinements: 1  with 10 aligners          Treatment Time: 9 months                      Aligner changed every 10 days

Malocclusion Type: Open bite with crowding
Patient age: 25 
Treatment Type: L3 Power  
Aligner N.: 31 
Refinement: 1 with 8 aligners 
Treatment Time: 15 months 
Aligner changed every 10 days 

Malocclusion Type: Crowding, Lower incisor extraction
Patient age: 17
Treatment Type: L2 Active
Aligner N.: 20
Refinements: 0
Treatment Time: 7 months
Aligner changed every 10 days

Malocclusion Type: Severe crowding, Deep Bite, Lower incisor extraction
Patient age: 38
Treatment Type: L3 Power
Aligner N.: 48
Treatment Time:
Aligner changed every 10 days