Continuous training and Study groups

Our relationship with the professional promotes a journey of continuous training and collaboration to achieve the qualification and certification to operate with our products. The professionals are followed in a progressive path of information and upgrade on technologies. The R&D department interacts with expert Engineers and Clinicians by organizing work sections and Study groups to share cases and experiences of their work and to develop increasingly advanced techniques, as well as periodic updating courses. Micerium Lab provides maximum support to the network of adhering professionals by offering qualified training and continuous updates in line with the development of the company and the innovation of methodologies, tools, and products. Our training offer concerns the areas of orthodontics, implantology, CAD-CAM, and is carried out by experienced professionals in the field, both nationally and internationally. Participation in the MICERIUM group guarantees the planning of a wide, qualified, and specialized training range. Not only enabling but starting a JOURNEY TOGETHER between continuing education and collaboration. Furthermore, after the first meeting, professionals are also followed after the training course.

For 2022 Micerium lab offers you a special event in Mykonos